Connect v1.3 released
4 weeks ago Virtual Dimension played Connect on their channel and came up with a positive result. Nevertheless, our keen eye detected two inconsistencies that we have fixed with...

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Relaunch of
After weeks of work it is finally done: LogicalByte has a new design!

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Connect v1.2 released
Our visit to the Amiga Winter Treffen brought some fun as well as some insights: Connect still has some minor bugs. For example, we found that on a Recalbox (Raspberry Pi + emulation) Connect runs rather suboptimal. The problem is...

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Amiga-Winter-Treffen event in Großensee
From 10.02. to 12.02.20223 Frank will visit the Amiga Winter Treffen and provide Connect on a RetroPi for free playing. Visitors of the event can get the game box again for the fair price of...

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Merry Christmas and happy new year
2022 was a great year for us! We managed to finish the game Connect and the production of the accompanying game box in time for Amiga37. The feedback and the mood at Amiga37 was very motivating for the coming year.

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Box-Version and Demo-Version released!
As announced, the boxed version is now available for sale on our website. If you are interested, you can find the ordering process under the menu item Games.

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Connect v1.1 released!
In the last week we worked at the game, the installer and the creator and fixed some bugs. Here is the complete update list:

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