Virtual Enemies

We are in an alternative dimension. The earth suffers already in the 80s under the severe consequences of climate change. Megacorporations are the real rulers of the world and strive for the sole control. The electronic war is in full swing. Hacks and manipulation are the order of the day. Information is worth its weight in gold, because it strengthens one's own position or weakens that of one's opponents. The power relations define themselves every day anew. Among them you are, a noob. You are only just scratching the surface and you have not yet and have no idea about all this.

Planned features
Hack the planet!
Upgrade your hardware
Develop your software
Cross platform (Amiga/PC/Linux/Mac)

Target system
Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM
Optional: Network card for multiplayer

Planned release date: 2025
Currently the game is still in concept phase.