Connect is a classic logic game. The game idea is inspired by Hashiwokakero logic puzzles. Chips are placed on a circuit board and the player has to place connections between them.

The number of outgoing/incomming connections must match exactly the number on their chips,
connections must not cross each other and
a coherent network of connections must be built.

Solo-, Coop- and Battlemode
Variable bordsize
Storable highscore
4.294.967.296 gameboard variants
Music included (with 1MB RAM)

System requirements
Amiga 500 (PAL) with Kickstart v1.3 minimum
with at least 512kb Chipmem (+512kb of any ram for music)
harddisc supported (installer included)
WHDLoad supported (installer included)
WinUAE compatible

The german press says
"Die Spielidee ist einfach und doch fessenld zugleich...Gerade der Zweispieler Modus macht viel Spaß...Es besitzt...ein gewisses Suchtpotenzial"
(The game idea is simple and yet captivating at the same time...Especially the two-player mode is a lot of fun...It has...a certain addictive potential)
- Amiga Future March/April 2023

"Der Titel bietet beste Solo-Unterhaltung für zwischendurch, liefert aber gemeinsam mit einem zweiten Spieler...völlig neue Herausforderungen"
(The title offers the best solo entertainment for in between, but together with a second player delivers...completely new challenges)

"Sehr großartig, sehr gutes Spiel! Wenn ihr Spaß an Puzzlespielen habt...dann schaut euch unbedingt Connect an"
(Very great, very good game! If you enjoy puzzle games...then definitely check out Connect)
- Virtual Dimension (Youtube)


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