Connect is developed in AmiBlitz3. In our opinion, this language represents a good compromise between accessibility and speed. Besides, we wanted to get to know the peculiarities of the Amiga first, without having the machine blow up in our faces every time we write a wrong line. Even if AmiBlitz3 is not perfect, we will still be faithful to the programming language as it is constantly evolving.

The development currently takes place under MacOS on a basic Mac Mini. We write the code with Visual Studio Code incl. BlitzBasic2-PlugIn. For testing FS-UAE is run in a normal AmigaOS 3.2.1 configuration. AmiBlitz3 offers a quite good development environment for debugging.

The graphics are created with Personal Paint directly on the Amiga. Aseprite on the Mac is also basically suitable for editing graphics too. However, if new colors are to be added, we prefer Personal Paint, because Aseprite uses 256 values per channel and the Amiga has 16 values per channel (16x16x16 = 4096 colors) only.

For the tests on real machines the following models are currently available:

Amiga 500 with 2.3MB Ram
Amiga 1200 with 030TK and 64MB Ram
Amiga 2000 with 8,5MB Ram and CD-Rom

We use Affinity Publisher (+ Affinity Designer) to design the manual and all graphics outside the Amiga world.