Virtual Enemies: Dev blog #1
Hello followers,

here comes first information and a first progress report about the development of our game "Virtual Enemies":

Basically we are working on a version that should be playable on the Amiga38. This means that the player should be able to create a character and execute a hack. That is the minimum goal that should be achieved by then.
As target platform we aim at an Amiga 500 with 1MB memory. At the same time, the game will be developed absolutely system compliant, which will allow us to access an optional network stack. Yes, you will be able to play the game alone without any restrictions in the story. Nevertheless, we already have some cool multiplayer features on the list. More information will follow in the coming weeks once we have completed initial testing.

We are aware that not everyone understands English or that for quite a few the English vocabulary is limited. That's not a shame, Frank's English vocabulary is not the best either. Especially in terms of understanding the story present in the game, this can be problematic. At this point we can give the all-clear:
The game will support English and German at release. New languages will be included by adding translated language text files. We, that is LogicalByte, do NOT have to change anything in the game files themselves. It's up to the community to do this on their own to support people who don't know English and German very well. We are currently doing final tests and will publish a guide (and suitable tools) in due time.

We know from inquiries that you are greedy for new image material. We would like to fulfill this wish and will publish new pictures time to time in the coming weeks. Please understand that we need longer for some things. :)

To be continued...