In development: Virtual Enemies
Today the ticket sales for Amiga 38 started, so we decided to announce our next game. We call it Virtual Enemies, short VirEn!

We are still in the concept phase, but we already have a plan in which direction it should go. The player completes missions for large corporations and penetrates foreign computer systems, stealing information or sabotaging computers. The gameplay is not dissimilar to Hacknet and Uplink, but incorporates a few ideas of its own. For example, it will be possible to develop and optimize your software to perform hacks more efficiently. Also, some annoying things like deleting log files will be omitted - sorry, but that's boring!

The special thing about the game will be that you can play it not only on the Amiga, but also natively on the PC, Linux and on the Mac. Not only do you compete against each other there in a shared leaderboard, but you can also work together on a job. Of course, the Amiga must have an internet connection to experience this gaming option. However, an internet connection is not a prerequisite!

More information and a screenshot can be found under Games.