Connect v1.3 released
Hello all,

4 weeks ago Virtual Dimension played Connect on their channel and came up with a positive result. Nevertheless, our keen eye detected two inconsistencies that we have fixed with this new version:

1. Reset the playing field.
Yes, we have been asked a few times in the past how to reset the playfield. We can now answer this question as follows:

For player 1 it would be the Q key, for player 2 it would be the P key.

2. Locking the joystick button in the result screen in BattleMode
Two players want to play against each other and have selected the mode that one player gets a point if he has cleared the board first. The moment player A clicks on Verify and the check is positive, the result screen is displayed immediately.
In our opinion, it's unlucky if player B doesn't notice this and presses the fire button himself just at the moment when "Solved" is displayed for player A. This causes the fire button to be pressed. This makes the fire button event count as if the result screen should be closed. This happens especially when things are very hectic. We have solved this problem by displaying the result screen for at least 1 second before any player input is registered.

Owner of the digital and physical version are able to download the update from

Have fun playing!