Connect v1.4 released
Hello all,

just in this moment we uploaded an updated version of Connect. It contains the following changes:

1. At the R2C2 user meeting, we did a lot of coop games and got stuck for a very long time in some games when we couldn't find the bug on the game board. There the idea was born to be able to display the error by pressing a key, to prevent excessively long searches. No sooner said than done, this function is now in the game. By pressing the H key, all chips that do not have the required number of connections are marked red. However, this help has the disadvantage that the game time is set to 9999 seconds. This is not enough for a new highscore, but it is helpful for people who want to solve "all" game boards completely. Please note that this only works in solo and coop mode.

2. The bug devil has crept in. We found him drawing the game cursor excessively on the game board. Luckily we were able to tame it and get some performance out of it, especially on the Amiga 500. :)

3. The manual has been updated. In it you will now find an overview of all shortcuts available in the game.

Download: here

Have fun playing!