Virtual Enemies: Dev blog #2
Hello followers,

it's time to give another interim report on the development status of "Virtual Enemies". So how does it looks like:

Character registration is almost complete. That means, the player chooses his language, enters his pseudonym and chooses a sponsor. Nothing is saved yet. This is also not the goal for Amiga38.

What will also not be part of the playable prototype is network communication. Nevertheless, we have already dealt with it a bit and can announce that according to current knowledge, communication with a game server works fine. More details about the planned multiplayer features will follow soon.

Oh, by the way, we have finished the internal tests on the language mod system. The system works great! We just need to add automatic detection of new languages until the final version. But this is not a priority at this point.

Next steps are the provisional creation of a main menu, a mailbox system and the creation of 2 tutorial missions. For everything else placeholder graphics will be used.

After finishing this work the Amiga38 is welcome to come. Some pictures will follow at the end of July, if everything goes according to plan. However, we have to point out that these are placeholder graphics and will definitely still be replaced!

To be continued...